Hanoi converges all the elements of “Right people, right place, right time” but still cannot rise to become the top choice in Asia and the World. If there is still a lack of an international-scale project to make up the Capital’s name?

What is Hanoi missing?

Being the national political, cultural, economic and administrative center of the country, with a diverse culture, rich in identity, friendly and hospitable people, Hanoi – City for Peace is continuously selected as the venue for organizing international political and social events such as APEC, OPEC … For example, the new US-North Korea Summit held in the past February 2019 is considered as an important milestone, an opportunity for Vietnam to promote images to friends across continents.

However, frankly, Hanoi still has not exploited all the potentials that the festival brings. Compared to the first organized US-Korea Summit in Singapore last year, Singapore has made a spectacular breakthrough when Singapore tourism has reached a record, the number of international visitors to this country after the conference increased 6.2% to 18.5 million and revenue from tourism increased 1% to 27.1 billion USD. With only one event, Singapore has collected about $ 500 million.

Meanwhile, according to the statistics of Hanoi Tourism Department, tourists come to Hanoi in February, the time of the event, is only nearly 2.5 million, the total revenue is estimated at 8,591 billion VND. These numbers startled many people to ask the question: Hanoi has so many opportunities and the same position to become the 2nd Singapore, but what is reason behind the big gap between Hanoi and “the lion island” Singapore?

Hanoi needs a hitch to rise to become the Southeast Asia Dragon

With many outstanding advantages, Hanoi (Vietnam) has been listed on the list of the best culinary cities in the world besides Bangkok, Singapore, once honored as “City for Peace”, “The cleanest city”, and recently “One of the 10 destinations of Asia” … but it seems that these titles are still not enough… In thinking of a destination for shopping famous brands, the name Hanoi seems to be overshadowed and not familiar for international visitors. Even well-beings in Vietnam tend to go abroad to satisfy their shopping habits.

Hanoi needs a big project to bring the stature of an international financial destination in the capital.

In the opinion of travel experts, Hanoi still needs a prominent real estate product to make a breakthrough, reaching out to the world, or a project of international stature – a destination for international finance in the capital, as well as a destination to satisfy the thirst for shopping and spending money of the super-rich.


Particularly, Tay Ho Tay (The West of West Lake) Area – Hanoi’s new center of trade, finance, international trade, needs a milestone, along with Vietinbank Financial Tower and high-class offices, to make it become a bustling, prosperous area, attracting investment and becoming the “money navel” of Vietnam in the future.

Super project Sunshine Empire: Good signal for the Integration capital

In this context, recently, information about a “mega city complex” with international standard about to be built in the West of West Lake Area is considered one of the good signs for Hanoi. Sunshine Empire – a unique architectural masterpiece that surpasses all space restrictions is expected by the Hanoi Real Estate Market. The highlight of the project is a complex of 68-storey 6-star hotels with international conference center, the premier shopping mall in Asia Pacific, lavish hotels, high-class A-class offices sparkling with a diamond symbol and the impressive appearance of the most luxurious sky villas, sky garden in Vietnam…

Sunshine Empire – international “mega city complex” is about to appear in the West of West Lake Area.

In particular, in Sunshine Empire, there will be the presence of trendy entertainment venues, fashion catwalks and the world’s most popular brands, … Along with that, Sunshine Empire shopping mall will operate under one completely new model, applying the most intelligent and modern shopping appliances such as Scan & Go (identifying products and prices itself and turning shopper’s phones into an automated scanner) to increase shopping experience in the most high-tech and trendy way.

Convergence of the top and different elements, Sunshine Empire will become a new brand, the expectation that is on par with shopping heavens like Singapore or Thailand in Southeast Asia.

Worth mentioning, according to information leaked on the market, the “boss” of this super-project is a Vietnamese investor – Sunshine Group – the name created a fever for the Hanoi real estate market when first applies technology 4.0 in project management and operation.

Let’s have a look at the latest images of the Sunshine Empire project recently unveiled:


More information about the Sunshine Empire project:

Website: http://empire.sunshinegroup.vn/

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/SunshineEmpire.SkyVilla/

Hotline: 1800969681.