The Megamall for shopping, catwalk, summit convention… is the highlight bearing the stamp of the “super” complex building coming-up in Hanoi. This project is probably belong to Sunshine Group – one of the top names in Hanoi’s real estate market. 

From the beginning of 2019, Hanoi real estate market began to spread information about a super project of 8 buildings will be built in the West Lake West area, in which the 6-star hotel tower with a height of up to 68 floors is drawing the attention of everyone.

A Super Project – A complex of International Class-A Hotel, Business and Office is going to appear in the West of West Lake Area (in Hanoi)?

According to the revealed concept, the focus of the project complex will be a large-scale shopping center, bringing together many shopping integrated models for entertainment, investment… that never appeared in Vietnam before.

This will be the showroom location for the most cultivated luxury brands in the world, venue for big events launching new product lines, the “limited” versions for the elite…

The world-class fashion catwalks…

A complex of Movie Theater incorporating with digital multimedia entertainment…

The complex for sports entertainment centers, indoor skating rinks… is the outstanding facilities going to be presented at this super project complex.

These facilities will create a new “shopping heaven” in Hanoi in particular, and in Vietnam and the region in general; with the expectation to change the shopping habits of the huge number of tourists in Asia and the world, and to break the stereotype of the rich class going on shopping tour to Hong Kong – Thailand – Singapore.

Helicopter yard at the rooftop of the 68-storey complex of commercial and hotel

(Sunshine Empire project).

Besides, the focus of the project is a 68-storey hotel tower with 6-star standard, managed and operated by a leading hotel brand in the world with luxurious design and, and gorgeous high-end branded furniture.

In particular, the President’s rooms are designed with exquisite style; the event area, the conference and conference rooms for few thousand people, equipped with the most modern furniture and equipment… will is the location for international meetings and summits, due to the trend that Hanoi is becoming the chosen place for hosting international events.

With such regional-scale project, real estate market has the same curiosity about “Who is the owner of this super mall?”

According to the obtained information, we learned that the investor of this project is probably Sunshine Group – the emerging big investor in the real estate market in Vietnam, currently known as “the boss” of real estate in West Lake Area – the West of Hanoi simultaneously deploying a series of large projects in this area, including famous projects like Sunshine City, Sunshine Riverside, Sunshine Wonder Villa, Sunshine Crystal River, Sunshine Golden River…

Sunshine Marina Nha Trang Bay – another major project of Sunshine Group in Nha Trang area.

Not only being the investor of a series of projects on Hanoi golden land, after research, Sunshine Group also owns high-class projects in many other cities. In Ho Chi Minh City, Sunshine Group has just launched Sunshine City Saigon Urban Complex with scale of up to 9 high-rise buildings and it is likely that they will continue to acquire a large project of 14 riverside buildings in Saigon. In Nha Trang, Sunshine owns Nha Trang Bay Marina project – a resort entertainment complex built as the Integrated Resort model for the first time in Vietnam.

With a small amount of information being gradually revealed, it can be predicted in a very short time, the real estate world of Hanoi will be fluttering again when the Sunshine Empire super project launches. If the revealed concept is true, this will be the complex of the most luxurious urban area, worthy being the new financial and economic symbol of Hanoi, attracting financial flows and business, international tourism to Vietnam. We will continue to research and inform readers in the following posts.